Consult with a Delray Beach Bankruptcy Attorney for Help Filing Bankruptcy

Delray Beach Bankruptcy Attorney

With its central location just 52 miles from Miami, Delray Beach, Florida is a much sought after location for tourists and residents alike. Nearly 70,000 people call Delray Beach home. During the last few years, the downtown area has expanded greatly and served as a beacon to new businesses, including nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, retail shops, and hotels. However, not all of these businesses are successful, which may result in the need to consult with a Delray Beach bankruptcy attorney if you are in financial distress. If you need financial relief during this challenging time, the Law Office of Harry J. Ross is here to help.

How Bankruptcy Can Help

When you file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay is put on debt collection efforts. This stay can help you to avoid the repossession of business assets, foreclosures on commercial property, and a cessation of your business.  By having an experienced Delray Beach bankruptcy attorney, you can continue operating your business while getting your finances sorted out during the bankruptcy process.

You may be able to restructure your debt, negotiate a settlement of your debt, file for liquidation bankruptcy, or create a reorganization plan for your business. These are all options that you can discuss with Harry Ross during a confidential consultation over videoconferencing software. Harry Ross may also be able to help you save your home through a mortgage loan modification or mortgage foreclosure defense. Harry Ross has more than 30 years of legal experience that he will leverage to determine the best options for your bankruptcy case.

About Delray Beach

Delray Beach Bankruptcy Attorney

Delray Beach is a city in Palm Beach County, Florida, and is considered part of the Miami metropolitan area. It had a population of 60,522 during the last census but had an estimated population of 69,451 in 2019. It received recognition as an All-America City Winner in 1993, 2001, and 2017.

Delray Beach began as a small farming village. Local residents appreciate the rich history and diversity the city has to offer and support the Delray Beach Historical Society and S.D. Spady Cultural Heritage Museum.

The downtown area of Delray Beach has had a construction boom since the early turn of the century and the city has its own Downtown Development Authority that encourages and directs the development, provides information to visitors, and provides updates to the community about the latest developments.

Travel Holiday magazine named Delray Municipal Beach as the top beach in the southeastern region of the United States. The city also received recognition as the drug recovery capital of the United States in an article published in The New York Times entitled “In Florida, Addicts Find an Oasis of Sobriety” due to having one of the country’s largest recovery communities and the number of sober living houses.

The major workforces in the area include medical, schools, and the city, but the city has continued to grow significantly over the last 20 years and is bringing in more innovative tech firms and other urbanized employers. Verizon Business ranked Delray Beach as the 5th in its “Best Small Cities to Start a Small Business” report.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Sue When a Business Interferes with My Clients?

Florida recognizes the legal cause of action of “tortuous interference with a business relationship.” To prevail with this type of claim, you must show that the defendant:

  • Knew of a contract between you and your client
  • Intentionally took action to cause a breach of the contract or to disrupt the contract
  • Did not have legal justification for these actions
  • Caused damages as a result
  • These claims are often quite complex, so it is important to have a skilled commercial litigation attorney assist you when making this type of claim.

What is a Complex Business Dispute?

Business disputes can commonly arise. A complex business dispute involves issues that are different from run-of-the-mill cases. They may involve complications such as multiple parties, multiple venues in which cases are pending in multiple courts or in state and federal courts. Multi-jurisdiction litigation often involves more complex legal issues than other types of business disputes. Other reasons why a case may be considered a complex business dispute include if governmental regulatory agencies, highly technical legal issues, tax issues or expansive business records and professional dealings are handled.

Can I Sue for Verbal Breach of Contract?

Florida recognizes the existence of oral contracts when the parties had clear terms, based on an offer, acceptance, consideration and essential terms. However, these types of contracts can be difficult to enforce if one of the parties breaches them because there may not be the benefit of a formalized written contract. To prevail with this type of claim, you will need to show that there was a valid contract; a material breach of the terms and that you suffered damages. An experienced lawyer like Harry Ross can review the circumstances surrounding your contract, any communication between you and the other party that confirm the terms and the history of your interactions with each other to prove your case.

If Served with a Foreclosure Summons, What Do I Do?

If you receive a foreclosure summons, it is essential that you seek the qualified legal assistance of foreclosure defense attorney Harry Ross. Involving an experienced attorney early in the process may help you take advantage of certain legal options, such as stopping a mortgage foreclosure judgment by modifying the existing mortgage. We can negotiate with your lender and try to reach an agreement that allows you to keep your home, if possible. We can also explore other options, such as filing bankruptcy so that you can benefit from the automatic stay provided by this legal action. In some cases, you may have a claim against the mortgage company for predatory lending practices.